Post Production Supervisor, "Thank You For Your Service"
"The Upside," "Thoroughbreds" & "Manchester By The Sea."

Stuart Macphee has been working in Post Production long enough to have worked on projects with a film assistant but not long enough to remember exactly how that whole film thing actually worked. His brother taught him a love of film, his favorite sixth grade teacher taught how to take a deep breath and college was a bit of a blur. But that all lead him here. To a career in film. He began on what can only be described as a trial by fire - Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York. Under the able tutelage of Mike Jackman many valuable lessons were learned. Lessons that still serve him fifteen years and 25 films later. 

Why come to NAB Show New York?

"I’m pleased with the turnout and types of attendees that participate in NAB Show New York — the east coast needed a strong broadcast exhibition and presence. Along with network broadcasters, we see many additional account opportunities for users of professional broadcast-quality video and audio equipment that are in the regional area. The New York location makes this a destination show, and co-location with AES gives us a stronger opportunity to grow our business. NAB knows how to market and promote a show, making NAB Show New York a worthy investment!"

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