Video Technologist, Solution Architect
Bitmovin, Inc.

Paul MacDougall has been live streaming video on the Internet for over a decade, pioneering production and delivery techniques for the fashion and sports sectors, and helping customers plan and implement video monetisation workflows using both subscription models and advertising based solutions. 

Why come to NAB Show New York?

"I’m pleased with the turnout and types of attendees that participate in NAB Show New York — the east coast needed a strong broadcast exhibition and presence. Along with network broadcasters, we see many additional account opportunities for users of professional broadcast-quality video and audio equipment that are in the regional area. The New York location makes this a destination show, and co-location with AES gives us a stronger opportunity to grow our business. NAB knows how to market and promote a show, making NAB Show New York a worthy investment!"

Bob McAlpineRobert McAlpine
Cobalt Digital

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