Senior Vice President, Marketing
ARRIS Group, Inc.

Duncan Potter is Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at ARRIS. In this role he oversees the strategy and execution of all the Company’s marketing activities, covering long term messaging, digital marketing, content creation, events, technical and regional marketing, industry relations, external and internal communications. 

Previously, Potter served as Vice President of Digital, Product & Regional Marketing at ARRIS and was responsible for leading the effort to launch a comprehensive, new digital presence for the Company. 

He joined ARRIS in 2014 through its acquisition of Seawell Networks, a provider of IP video, multiscreen, and ad insertion solutions, where he served as chief marketing officer. Prior to SeaWell, he led marketing for several organizations, including Edgeware AB, a leader in video distribution systems, Westcon Group, a distributor of network infrastructure, data center and security solutions, and Extreme Networks, a provider of network infrastructure products and solutions. 

Duncan has more than 25 years of leadership experience in the video and networking industry, specializing in customer and partner communications and digital analytics. 

Why come to NAB Show New York?

"Technology is moving faster than ever before within the broadcast industry. We have moved from seeing micro evolutionary progress from year to year to macro evolutionary leaps in technology. It is no longer sufficient to have a single major event to keep up with all the changes. I applaud NAB for creating a well timed event that attracts the best of the best. NAB Show New York is not optional for the modern broadcaster, it is a necessity."

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