Featured Spotlight by Crystal: Addressable Advertising

Featured Spotlight by Crystal: Addressable Advertising

Wednesday, October 18

3:30 pm

3:35 pm

Location: CONTENT FWD Stage 2

Addressable (or targeted) advertising has reached a dynamic inflection point, and not just in Streaming OTT. The conversation is hot in traditional linear broadcast TV also. Linear TV is still the dominate spot for ads by 10:1, and not likely to be unseated in the near future. The added efficiency provided by technologies enabling Addressable Advertising will support higher rates so the stakeholders are not pirating or cannibalizing existing revenues. The consumers are going to get ads more relevant; which translates to maximizing impact of the advert. 

The technology to physically insert ads in a broadcast or OTT stream has been around for a long time, but has suffered from timing inaccuracies, resulting in discontinuities in the video and annoyed viewers. You have seen the effect at one time or another when the local cable operator doesn't do a good job of stitching local commercials into the national cable networks. To make broadcast TV advertising truly addressable, switching adverts must happen at multiple points along the distribution chain. The critical factor will be timing; it has to be exact. It is possible today with the right technology. 

This Spotlight Session will discuss how timing can be properly signaled by broadcasters to enable addressable TV Advertising at every point in the distribution chain. 

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