Cinematic Video Lighting Workshop for Small Crew Productions

Cinematic Video Lighting Workshop for Small Crew Productions

Wednesday, October 18

10:00 am

5:00 pm

Location: 3D08


As resolutions in production increase (Ultra HD is four times the resolution of Full HD), the way you light your subjects becomes even more important. When your camera sees EVERYTHING, it's your job to show your talent and locations in their best light. While the light sources that you use in video production and filmmaking are important, it's how you shape and control those sources that really make the difference. And it's even more important when we move from HD to 4K productions. In this full day workshop by Jem Schofield of theC47, he will focus on using light to achieve cinematic results (mainly low-key lighting techniques), in documentary, corporate and narrative productions. Focus will be in using small kits that don't require large crews (common on today's productions). Please check out some of Jem's recent courses with like Vlogging for Business, Advanced Cinematic Video Lighting. For more information about Jem & his whereabouts visit or his YouTube Channel where he posts weekly content on video production and filmmaking at 

Target Audience

The workshop is intended for DPs, camera operators and aspiring filmmakers interested in understanding how to quickly and effectively light projects for both HD and 4K productions. 

Topics Covered

  • How to create large, soft light sources
  • Low-key lighting for documentary, corporate and narrative projects
  • Understanding and working effectively with different color temperature lights
  • Quickly setting up for great looking interviews regardless of the subject
  • How to bounce, block, cut & diffuse light sources quickly & effectively
  • Working with soft and hard light sources together
Key Topics: 
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