Best of BEIT: IoT Killed the Video Star

Best of BEIT: IoT Killed the Video Star

Thursday, October 19

10:50 am

11:20 am

Location: TECH FWD Stage 1

"In my mind and in my car, we can't rewind we've gone too far Pictures came and broke your heart Put down the blame on ...DVR" (hat tip to The Buggles) Security is a necessity of the Internet of Things. However, there is underlying mistrust in the black box ecosystem. The data of the IoT needs to be securely stored, delivered and managed. As well, there is a very real need to ensure that the APIs and the associated portals are secured. In addition to API calls there is a need to secure DNS as it pertains to IoT deployments. Patches for IoT devices need to be securely managed and there is a real need to address how to avoid have IoT devices being employed in a army of DDoS bots...but, it appears this is come too late. The Mirai botnet and others have arisen to wreak havoc as DVRs and other insecure nodes join the battle. Video streaming services have had to be cognizant of the implications of security since they first came online. Now, with the rise of IoT related botnets the stakes have risen. I will evaluate multiple aspects of security as it relates to IoT. First, we'll go over the etymology of the Internet of Things, before diving into the attack surface, IoT's position in the digital supply chain, the potential weaknesses of IoT and finally IoT as an attack platform. 

Key Topics: 
BEIT Technology
Internet of Things (IoT)
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