Artificial Intelligence: A World of Solutions (Lightning Talks)

Artificial Intelligence: A World of Solutions (Lightning Talks)

Thursday, October 19

3:00 pm

3:30 pm

Location: FOCUS FWD Keynote Stage


AI: Driving Efficiency & Engagement

The promise of artificial intelligence is undeniable, it can create efficiencies across every aspect of production and distribution that will reduce costs and increase revenue. But how can broadcasters utilize this emerging technology, and where will they see the greatest ROI? Ooyala's Mike Petro will discuss how broadcasters can leverage the latest AI solutions to simplify and enhance everything from systems to processes, in turn cutting the costs of production, speeding up content syndication and significantly reducing the amount of man hours required for some of the most labor-intensive tasks.

Whether you're looking to automatically capture metadata (like extracting transcripts, detecting faces within videos and analyzing text), develop content recommendations, serve relevant advertising, or even highlight clips featuring specific athletes within a sporting event – AI could be the most transformative tool in your arsenal. 

Matt Carter, Director of Pre-Sales, Ooyala


Using AI and Metadata To Unlock Value Within Broadcasting

In a data driven world, metadata plays a fundamental role in providing specific information on media files such as format type, length and contextual characteristics. In the past, time-stamps have played a large metadata role for broadcasters, however in recent years, technological advancements have changed how they view and use metadata. Join us to learn how artificial intelligence is revealing new metadata-related use cases that help improve efficiencies, increase revenue, build smarter archives, enhance brand awareness and much more.

Drew Hilles, Senior Vice President, Veritone Media 


Maximizing Content Value with Artificial Intelligence

Media and entertainment organizations' content libraries are growing exponentially, and artificial intelligence (AI) offers a powerful solution for maximizing the value of that content. With richer metadata about audio and video content, organizations can create more customized video-on-demand offerings, provide better ROI data to sponsors by identifying where and how often a logo appeared in and beyond the original broadcast, and accelerate postproduction work through enhanced context-based search and discovery. Quantum will explain how the integration of AI with on-premise storage enables organizations to apply cognitive analytics to video and audio content and generate much more robust metadata without the cost and hassle of moving their media libraries to the cloud. 

Keith Lissak, Senior Director, Media & Entertainment Solutions Marketing, Quantum Corporation

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