Introduction to Fairlight Audio in DaVinci Resolve 14

Introduction to Fairlight Audio in DaVinci Resolve 14

Wednesday, October 18

1:00 pm

2:00 pm

Location: 1A26

For Editors and Audio Professionals interested in learning how Blackmagic Design has integrated the processing power and functionality of Fairlight audio software directly inside of DaVinci Resolve 14. This one-hour session (presented by Mary Plummer, author of Fairlight Audio Post Production with DaVinci Resolve 14) begins in the Edit page with audio tools for editors to build, edit, organize and balance tracks. Then you’ll move to the Fairlight page to explore the full power of Resolve’s new digital audio workstation to refine, sweeten, automate and mix your tracks. Along the way you’ll work with real world projects for hands-on experience including:

  • Working with clip and track based audio tools in the Edit Page
  • Using markers for spotting sessions and navigation
  • Editing dialogue with precision at the frame, subframe and sample level
  • Tracking sound effects to picture with 3D Pan and Automation 
  • Appliyng speed and pitch changes for advanced sound design  
  • Sweetening tracks with built-in EQ and Dynamics controls
  • Creating submixes for Dialogue, FX and Music to simplify the mix

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