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The NAB Show New York Priority Points Program is the participation and loyalty reward system for NAB Show New York Exhibitors. NAB Show New York Points are used in the scheduling process of the Space Selection order for the following year’s NAB Show New York. As an added benefit for investing in sponsorship and advertising opportunities, Exhibitors will receive bonus NY Priority Points. However, we strongly encourage companies to invest in sponsorship and advertising opportunities for the purpose of enhancing their overall NAB Show New York experience versus simply to improve their Space Selection appointment time. At any given time there are more than 400 companies earning NAB Show New York Priority Points. Coupled with a floor plan that is often in flux based on demand, adding New York Priority Points might not result in the anticipated improvement of Space Selection appointments.

Exhibitors accumulate Priority Points in the following ways:

  1. By exhibiting at NAB Show New York. This includes Meeting Rooms.
  2. By purchasing Advertising and/or Sponsorship opportunities for NAB Show New York.
  3. By becoming an NAB Associate Member.

How are New York Priority Points accumulated for the purchase of Exhibit Space?

Each NAB Show New York Exhibitor is credited with ten (10) New York Priority Points for each year exhibiting at the NAB Show New York, plus one (1) New York Point for each 100 square feet of exhibit space.

How are New York Priority Points accumulated for Advertising/Sponsorship packages?

NAB Show New York Priority Points will be awarded to current exhibitors only for advertising or sponsorship dollars spent with NAB Show New York on the following dollar volume scale: For the first $5,000 spent on advertising or sponsorship spent at NAB Show New York, five (5) New York Priority Points will be awarded.  For every additional $2,999 spent, one (1) additional New York Priority Point will be awarded.  New York Priority Points are awarded on a sliding scale in increments of one (1) New York Priority Point per $2,999 spent over $5,000 (Maximum New York Priority Points awarded for advertising or sponsorship = 150). Sample scale below:

Amount Spent Priority Points
$0 - $5,000 5
$5,001 - $8,000 6
$8,001 – $11,000 7
$11,001 – $14,000 8
$14,001 – $17,000 9
$17,001 – $20,000 10
$20,001 – $23,000 11
$23,001 – $26,000 12
$26,001 – $29,000 13
$29,001 – $32,000 14
$32,001 – $35,000 15
$35,001 – $38,000 16
$38,001 – $41,000 17
$41,001 – $44,000 18
$44,001 – $47,000 19
$47,001 – $50,000 20**

**Sliding Scale in $2,999 increments

Do I receive additional New York Priority Points if I am an NAB Associate Member? 

NAB Associate members will receive three (3) New York Priority Points for each year an NAB Associate membership is maintained. Exhibitors must be NAB members when signing up for exhibit space and maintain their membership status through the event.

Note: Member points only contribute to an Exhibitor's point total if the Member is actively participating in the current Show.

Do my company’s NAB Show New York Priority Points combine with my company’s NAB Show Las Vegas Priority Points when participating in both events?

New York Priority Points earned as an exhibitor for the annual NAB Show New York and the Priority Points earned as an exhibitor for the annual NAB Show Las Vegas are totaled and tracked separately for each of the two events and are used uniquely in the scheduling process of the Space Selection order for each of the two events.    

Each 2017 NAB Show Las Vegas Exhibitor will be credited twenty-five (25) additional Las Vegas Priority Points if they participate in at least two NAB Events* before March 31, 2018. Points will be awarded on April 1, 2018 and will count in the Space Selection total for the 2018 NAB Show Las Vegas.

*NAB events include: NAB Show, NAB Show New York, Radio Show, Small Market Television Exchange, NAB Futures Summit, Global Innovation Exchange Shanghai, NAB State Leadership Conference, NAB Radio Executive Group Fly-In.

Example: If an NAB Show Exhibitor exhibited in the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas and then exhibits at the 2017 NAB Show New York, twenty-five (25) Points will be added to their NAB Show Las Vegas Priority Points total.

What happens if a company buys an additional booth, increases/reduces booth size, or buys new or additional advertising/sponsorship products?

Each company will receive full credit for any changes/additions that positively or negatively impact their New York Priority Points total.  We update each company’s New York Priority Points total before each NAB Show New York Space Selection cycle based on the booth and/or advertising/sponsorship status at the time of Space Selection.

What if a company participated in CCW prior to NAB’s acquisition?

For any company that participated in CCW previous to NAB’s acquisition, all CCW Points were added to the company’s NAB Show New York Priority Points total. Beginning with 2015 CCW, Points were calculated according to the NAB Show New York Priority Points Policy. 

What if a company purchases another company on the Exhibit Floor that has accrued New York priority points over the years?

Example for ABC, Inc. purchasing XYZ, Inc.:

ABC, Inc. exhibited in 2014, accruing 22 points and 2015, accruing 20 points.

XYZ, Inc. exhibited in 2014, accruing 30 points, 2015 accruing 22 points and 2016, accruing 11 points.

The newly combined ABC Inc. and XYZ Inc.'s new Priority Point total for this period is calculated by adding the highest point total either company received for each year; 30 points + 22 points = 52 points

What happens to New York priority points if a company goes through a divestiture? 

NY Points earned during the shared years the two companies exhibited together will be divided equally, unless otherwise mutually desired as part of the divestiture agreement.

Example for ABC, Inc., & XYZ, Inc.’s divesture going into 2015 space selection:

ABC, Inc.:  2011 - 22 pts. / 2012 - 20 pts. / 2013 - 30 pts. / 2014=30 pts.

XYZ, Inc.:  2010 - 30 pts. / 2011-22 pts. / 2012-11 pts. / 2013-*purchased

Point totals after the divestiture: ABC, Inc.:  72             XYZ, Inc.:  93 

Can my company lose its Exhibitor Priority Points?

Two consecutive absences from NAB Show New York will result in loss of all accrued priority points.

What if I believe my company's Priority Point total is incorrect?

NAB Show New York Priority Points have been very carefully calculated, and, we believe accurately reflect the status of each NAB Show New York exhibitor.  However, if you believe your company’s point total is incorrect, email the NAB Show New York Exhibits Team.  NAB Show New York will provide companies time to challenge points prior to NAB Show New York Space Selection each year.  Challenges to your New York Points total will not be addressed at the time of your company’s Space Selection.

Priority points are neither property nor a license and cannot be transferred, sold or assigned by an Exhibitor.  The priority point system is subject to cancellation, change or modification by NAB at any time without prior notice.

Why come to NAB Show New York?

"We’ve exhibited at this Show now for several years, and we’ve seen it grow from strength to strength since the takeover by NAB, and the rebrand to NAB Show NY. Capturing visitors from the local and national top broadcasters, radio, post production, media and entertainment facilities, it’s one not to miss!"

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Marketing Manager
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