Exhibit Hall

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center
655 West 34th Street New York, NY 10001

Exhibitor Floor Plan

Exhibit Hall Hours

Wednesday, October 21 | 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday, October 22 | 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Exclusive and Preferred Vendors

Embracing the mindset of our host city, we’ve casted a new perspective on how we’re producing NAB Show New York. We’re looking at every aspect of the show, big and small, for ways to reduce our environmental footprint. See what we have planned and how our partners are getting in on the action. 

Interested in saving money and going green? Start by letting your Freeman representative (and other suppliers) know that sustainability is important to you so they can help you make environmentally-friendly choices.  


Sustainability Best Practices 

Read Freeman’s brochure for all the ways you can go green. Some ideas include: 

  1. Change up your booth – use a multi-use booth, rent locally, design your booth with small shipping foorprint or using forest sustainable certified wood. 
  2. Choose carpet wisely – or choose not at all! You are no longer required to carpet your booth at NAB Show NY. If you do though, use darker-colored carpet, which is easier to reuse and recycle. 
  3. Shipping – choose reusable and recyclable shipping materials and try to reduce your shipping footprint. 
  4. Think before you print – whether it’s graphics or handouts, try using reusable materials – or better yet, none at all! 
  5. Save energy – power down your electronics every night and use energy-efficient lighting. Make sure to train your team on best practices. 
  6. Leftover materials – donate, donate, donate! There are plenty of local charitable locations that will help you reuse your materials, including JavitsCares.
  7. During move-in and out, clearly label recyclable materials for disposal, break down cardboard if possible, and do not fill cardboard boxes with trash.


Participate in JavitsCares, Javits Center’s new donation program.

We encourage exhibitors to prioritize reusing materials before opting to donate. But anything left behind during move-out* that is eligible and in good condition (i.e. furniture, electronics, construction materials, etc.), the JavitsCares team will set aside for local community partners. No action required on your part.

*Please note, exhibitors are still expected to remove any bulk trash and recycling from their booth space during move-out/cleanup. As a reminder, we ask that you break down cardboard before recycling and do not fill cardboard boxes with trash.


Join the IBC-to-NAB Show New York shipping caravan, if you are exhibiting at IBC.

For more information, email Freeman Transportation international.freight@freemanco.com or call their exhibit transportation experts at +1.817.607.5183. 


Carpet Considerations

We’ve eliminated 12,000 linear feet of aisle carpet, which will reduce 5.2 tons of carbon emissions from trucking and keep 2.5 miles of tape out of the landfill. Added benefit - it will also speed up move-out, because we won’t have to wait for aisle carpet rollup to start delivering empties – yay!*  

This means you are no longer required to carpet your booth. When deciding whether to have carpet, please keep these things in mind: 

  1. Electrical cables – Electrical cables are run from the floor and will be covered with tape. Please review your electrical layout plan to determine if no-carpet is the way to go. Please work with your Freeman contact or EAC to make this as minimal as possible to avoid potential accidents.
  2. Chalk markings – Freeman uses chalk to mark the show floor. Your team will need to clean the chalk in and around your booth the night before the Show opens.  

*Please note there are many variables that impact the empty return process, including number of empties, weight/type of containers, etc. 

Throw Bag

Donate your banner to THROW.

No action necessary. Freeman will collect any banners that exhibitors don’t wish to keep. THROW is a local organization that will up-cycle and re-purpose the banner materials to create totes, laptop and cosmetic cases, rack covers, etc. See examples from other shows

Key Contacts

NAB Show New York Staff

Each exhibitor at NAB Show New York has their own dedicated sales representative on the Exhibit Sales Team to assist with your space needs. Once you begin building out your exhibit space, you’ll have the Exhibit Services Team at your disposal to assist with any show planning and logistical questions.

Meet the Team

Exclusive and Preferred Vendors

We partner with a variety of vendors to make the exhibitor experience seamless. Take advantage of these resources, if you have logistical questions about the services they provide.

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