TV2020: Monetizing the Future

TV2020: Monetizing the Future

Presented by TVNewsCheck, this program offers an opportunity for C-Suite broadcasters, financial analysts and investors to explore the profit potential of emerging opportunities like ATSC 3.0, OTT, automated ad selling and converting to an IP infrastructure as well as the money-saving potential of centralcasting and technology outsourcing. The conference will also look at ways that broadcasters can exploit social media rather than be exploited by them and reverse the downward course of daytime TV.

TV2020 - Monetizing the Future

Topics Include

CEO Forecast

A panel of top TV station group CEOs surveys the landscape and pinpoints the best opportunities for investment and the best new revenue streams on the horizon.

ATSC 3.0 & the Data Delivery Business

If nothing else, the new standard will allow broadcasters to enter the data delivery business and create a whole new revenue stream.

ATSC 3.0 & Targeted Advertising

At last year's conference, Sinclair's David Smith said that broadcasters can at least double the value of their spots by targeting them. What will it take to launch this new business and how soon will broadcasters and advertisers see dividends?

Monetizing OTT

TV stations want their logos in the menus of platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. How do they make this happen? What kind of investment secures the right programming mix? What’s the revenue mix?

Cheaper, Better, Faster

What’s the investment case for IP infrastructure, personalized TV, centralcasting and technology outsourcing?

Optimizing the Dual Revenue Stream

Broadcasters have enjoyed two major revenue streams since the mid 2000s, when retransmission consent fees started flowing in to supplement advertising dollars. What can be done to spur ad sales growth while optimizing the flow of retrans dollars?

Digital and OTT Opportunities

What are the best strategies for optimizing audience and revenue from web, mobile, OTT, social media, apps and more.

The Future of Daytime TV

Daytime accounts for 10% of a TV station’s revenue yet ratings declines have made the current programming mix too expensive. How cost effective is it for station groups to produce and distribute their own daytime programming? Where’s the profit in a 1-rated daytime schedule?

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