Experience Matters. And so do our Speakers!

Thank you for your interest in sharing your expertise and time with the NAB Show New York community. The following offers some key information about the process for submitting speaker candidates.  

Where is the speaker ready room?

The speaker ready room is located in the 3D Glass Vestibule in the Jacob K. Javits Center. 

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What is the deadline for submitting a speaker candidate? 

The deadline for submitting a speaker is Thursday, June 7, 2018. 

When will submitters be notified that their speaker candidate is under consideration? 

All candidates being considered will be notified no later than Thursday, June 21, 2018. 

What are the industry topics for which NAB is seeking speaker candidates?  

We are accepting a limited number of candidate submissions who can address innovations in the following areas: 

Empowering Success  

We are accepting submissions of C-suite executives, popular celebrity artists, and top government officials who are leaders in their field of business. 


We are seeking candidates who are executives at media-buying agencies, creative teams, marketing and research firms, and networks who can address innovations in advanced and programmatic advertising, content marketing, audience measurement, fan engagement, and data. 

In addition to mainstream media, we are also looking to represent e-Sports, live events, podcasting, museums/cultural institutions and live performances including Broadway. 


Candidates should be analysts or experts in the field of financial investment, and can speak about recent acquisitions and mergers, especially within the latest innovative technologies, distribution technologies, and crypto-currencies. 


Candidates should be active leaders in New York’s rich and diverse creative community. We are looking to provide behind-the-scenes looks at television productions, film projects, Broadway and other live performances, major events, and entertainment or cultural destinations.  


Candidates should speak about technology through business, technical and creative prisms, and address technologies such as machine learning or artificial intelligence; blockchain, VR/AR, cybersecurity, cloud-based operations, and the latest innovations in areas of content and data distribution.  We are especially seeking those experienced with satellite including small satellite constellations, and c-band spectrum. 

How will my speaker candidate be evaluated? 

Many sessions are developed in partnership with leading organizations representing distinct industry verticals and top creative talent. Candidates are evaluated by our partners based on the following criteria:  

  • Current responsibilities and accomplishments 
  • Career relevance and expertise in key topics selected for session development 
  • Unique business experience 
  • The proposed speaker has confirmed their interest and availability 

Can we submit speakers/instructors for the Post|Production Conference? 

We don’t solicit submissions for the Post|Production Conference training event. 

How many sessions are there? 

There are more than 50 sessions, including panel discussions, Q&A sessions, fireside chats and product/service demonstrations. Many are programmed in partnership with leading industry organizations. 

How long are the sessions? 

Most sessions are 30 minutes.   

Who do I contact with questions? 

Email questions to: navi@schrammnyc.com



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