NAB Show New York offers education both on and off the show floor. View the programming from 2018 below. Check back in May for 2019 details.


Next-Gen Technology Unveiled and Explained

This stage will showcase leading industry organizations to present what’s hot, what’s new and what’s next. From devices and wearables influencing viewer behavior to the newest technologies redefining the distribution and delivery of content, you’ll take in the biggest stories that impact today’s broadcast and media professionals.

Session Topics

Digital Sessions

Explore the gadgets, wearables and mobile devices reshaping the media and entertainment business. Join top media executives as they take a look into the future of AI, changes in viewing behaviors, and the impact on business models.

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SATCON Sessions

Media and technology leaders discuss the developments redefining distribution as well as the evolving capabilities and changing role of satellite in broadcast.

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Top Tech Sessions

Broadcast engineers and IT professionals present case studies and panel discussions on the toughest technology challenges facing stations today.

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Session Highlights

SATCON: How Satellites Are Improving The Consumer Experience

Wednesday, October 17 | 11:30 am12:00 pm | Stage 2

Satellite technology has introduced a long list of amazing new, and useful services to consumers from mobile telecommunications like directions and maps, to video conferencing, to drone streaming to the current weather and of course, home... Read More

SATCON: Redefining Roles of Content Distribution

Wednesday, October 17 | 12:15 pm12:45 pm | Stage 2

Leaders from cloud-based content distributors, broadcasters, satellite and cable discuss recent technological changes that are modernizing production and the delivery of content. The panel will address how these shifts have introduced new... Read More

Seeking the Latest in Search

Wednesday, October 17 | 12:15 pm12:45 pm | Presentation Theater

We've come a long way from printed television guides, fold-out maps, phone books and encyclopedias. Take a critical look at the rapidly evolving business of search engines, search software, and the growing impact of AI on audio and video search... Read More

The State of UHD and HDR : Five Things Everyone Should Know

Wednesday, October 17 | 2:45 pm3:15 pm | Stage 2

UHD and HDR are all over big box stores that sell televisions. The 4K UHD sets are taking up more and more shelf space every day. What about the content, though? What about the professional media creation facilities and distribution? Join Thomas... Read More

Building Connections in an Immersive World

Wednesday, October 17 | 4:30 pm5:00 pm | Presentation Theater

Immersive technologies including virtual and augmented reality allow us to experience our world and imagination in new, vibrant and exciting ways. But how will these technologies enable us to deepen the connections with those around us. We'll... Read More

SATCON: Keeping Pace In Space

Thursday, October 18 | 12:00 pm12:30 pm | Stage 2

Government plans to develop a space force and to increase the government's access to commercial satellite capacity are encouraging to business growth but they coincide with frustrating Pentagon reports of outdated military equipment that cannot... Read More

SATCON: Transitioning Use of the C Band

Thursday, October 18 | 1:00 pm1:30 pm | Presentation Theater

The C-band in the U.S. has been and remains critical to nationwide content distribution and data services. Hundreds of customers and millions of consumers rely on C-band satellites for delivery of cable and broadcast programming. At the same time... Read More

Improving Advertising on the Web, a W3C Initiative

Thursday, October 18 | 1:30 pm2:00 pm | Stage 2

Advertising is an essential and critical part of the Web ecosystem and plays an instrumental role in helping realize the W3C's vision of "One Web for Everyone Everywhere." Advertising revenues help support a huge proportion of the content and... Read More

Accelerating on the Road to ATSC 3.0

Thursday, October 18 | 3:00 pm3:45 pm | Stage 1

Deployment of ATSC 3.0 is moving to the fast lane, now that stations in Phoenix, Dallas, and East Lansing are signing on with collaborative projects. From the single frequency network system in Dallas to the technical testing in the Phoenix Model... Read More

ATSC Session

Thursday, October 18 | 3:00 pm3:45 pm | Stage 1

Details coming soon.

Cool Toys and Digital Experiences

Thursday, October 18 | 3:45 pm4:15 pm | Stage 3

Have fun! This session features a panel of experiential experts and manufacturers who discuss the latest gadgets, wearables, mobile devices and more. Enjoy hearing about the coolest trends and newest devices designed to make everyday life more... Read More

AV Over IT: The New Media Interconnect

Thursday, October 18 | 4:30 pm5:00 pm | Presentation Theater

Audio and video signal distribution is slowly but surely moving to a network architecture. If it can be compressed and packetized, it will be! This seminar will discuss the basics of AV over IT, including high-latency and low-latency codecs, IP... Read More

A/V Over IT – The New Media Interconnect

Thursday, October 18 | 4:30 pm5:00 pm | Presentation Theater

Details coming soon.

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