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Live Streaming on Social Networks: Is this a Thing?

By Brian Ring  

Streaming has been around for ages. But technical advancements in video infrastructure and dramatic changes in the business landscape – including the rise of a sustainable OTT video ecosystem -- has democratized live broadcasting in a way we’ve not seen before.

How Satellite Communications Will Transform the Broadcast Industry

By Shahnaz Mahmud

When you think of satellite communications, the romance of earth and space and NASA often comes to mind. But satellites have come down to earth, so to speak, with new technologies being created to cater to all forms of content delivery.

The upcoming NAB Show New York, Nov. 9 and 10 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York City, will feature SATCON, two full days of curated content that aims to bring forth the biggest stories in the satellite space and its impact on the broadcasting medium.

How VR is Set to Disrupt Advertising

By Barry Eitel

After years of bubbling just under the surface of mainstream awareness, the era of virtual reality is upon us, and poised to be the next big thing in advertising. Enthusiasts could watch the latest Olympics in Rio via VR, and tech leaders such as Facebook and Google are charging full tilt into the field. Some analysts believe VR will become a $150 billion field by 2020, and the nation’s leading content creators in advertising have been diving into the new space.

Why Live Streaming Is the Future of Online Content

By Barry Eitel

Live streaming – a concept that dates back at least to the webcams of the early 2000s – has become one of the major digital trends of 2016, catching fire on social media and grabbing the attention of brands everywhere.

The Future of Drone-Enabled Filming in New York

By John Egan

The $9 billion movie and TV production industry in New York City could fly even higher thanks to drones.